girl on catfish

The renowned jazz and studio drummer Mäx Huber, the musician, producer and world citizen robert Pepe Pöschl, the avant-garde composer and singer-songwriter pianist Stepha Schweiger, as well as the regensburg enfant terrible Manfred Schimchen comprise the band "Girl on Catfish". They came together in October 2013 for a session and formed the band that has continued to the present day.
Their psychedelic sound with its consistently melodious intuitive feel moves in its own unique style within the new wave of the 1980s, just as it does within krautrock, free jazz, free improvisation, avant-garde and punk. When these four musicians are performing onstage, it can easily happen that a lyrical song in the "Girl on Catfish" style evolves into an idiosyncratic sound storm, before ebbing away to become a calming sea breeze. 

Girl on Catfish’s first release on L'ST records is planned....