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launched in april 2020

We are a label of fine sound in the genres of avant-pop, indie, electronic, industrial, music theatre, new music, avant-garde, noise, sound art, free jazz, post-punk, krautrock.
our music is distributed by broken silence, Hamburg.
our products are available in local record stores and records departments or online.


ata tak
broken silence
flight 13

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Our artists

Stepha Schweiger

the accomplished composer, pianist and singer stepha schweiger dives into the world of experimental electronic sounds.

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Ulrich Krieger

works in variety of contexts; from new and experimental music to free improvisation, electronic music, reductionsim, noise, ambient, rock and metal.

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The Moon is no Door

The Moon is no Door is an experimental indie rock band founded in 2019.

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Generic Art Ensemble

the genericartensemble (gae) experiments at the interface between randomness, technology, poetry and new media.

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Girl on Catfish

girl on catfish's psychedelic sound with its consistently melodious intuitive feel moves in its own unique style...

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